Dragon Age Awakening

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening is an expansion for the fantasy role-playing video game Dragon Age: Origins by BioWare. Awakening adds a brand new campaign which takes place during the aftermath of Dragon Age: Origins. The game also features new class specialization and skills for the player to develop.

Awakening was released for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on March 16, 2010, in North America, March 18 in Europe, and March 19 in the United Kingdom. It was released for the Mac on August 31, 2010.


The player has the option to either import his or her character from the main game or start over as a Warden from Orlais: a whole new origin. If a new character is created, the story from the main game is set to a default ending. If the character is imported, the story in Awakening will continue from that determined by the player in Origins and the character will retain his or her attributes, skills, spells etc. as well as certain equipment. The expansion continues the story, including five new recruitable party members and Oghren from Dragon Age: Origins, new spells and abilities, a raise in the level cap, two new specializations for each class, new enemies such as the Inferno Golem and the Queen of the Blackmarsh, and new items. There are no romances available.

New SpecializationsEdit

Upon purchasing Awakening, two new specializations are added for each class. Every specialization can be unlocked by buying its respective manual. In addition to the new specializations, all orignal specializations are unlocked regardless of whether they were or weren't unlocked in Origins.

Mage Specializations:

  • Battlemage
  • Keeper

Rogue Specializations:

  • Legionnaire Scout
  • Shadow

Warrior Specializations:

  • Guardian
  • Spirit Warrior

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