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The rogue is one of the three playable classes in Dragon Age II. The rogue can be found on the edges of the battle, relying on stealth and agility to win a fight. The rogue has access to either melee or ranged weapons, which give it a wider range of fighting styles. Rogues draw from stamina in for abilities.

Class Description

The most agile of the Dragon Age II classes, the rogue is best on the frays of battle quickly dispatching enemies.

Like a warrior, rogues rely heavily on their weapons. Yet, rogues have access to fewer weapons than warriors. Melee oriented rogues can be found dual wielding daggers and relying on their stealth and agility to survive. Range oriented rogues can be found wielding a bow or crossbow on the far edges of a battle. All rogues have access to poisons, traps, and dangerous flasks that are used to cripple enemy forces.